A 5-day workshop specifically organized to deal practically with designing SELLABLE and REALISTIC websites.

To design websites that exceeds the taste, needs and requirements of today's clients without using 3rd party applications or templates! It’s not just about learning the codes, it’s about using the codes to produce unique, beautiful and user-friendly websites. Experts and High-Earning website designers always advise to build a website from scratch (using the codes). But it’s difficult, when you don’t know how to apply the codes to bring out a fantastic design! Many good web designers get jobs based on referrals but is your design fantastic enough for referrals? There are website designers but YOU can stand out of them all! Improve and upgrade your skills!


Join the 5-day workshop by KJK.COM.NG with Olajumoke Oduwole (Senior Website Designer at KJK.COM.NG). It's also a great opportunity for beginners who want to start a career on online communications. Click here view our works to see exactly what your design skill will upgrade to. It is Strictly Practical and Realistic!

Expectations from the KJK WORKSHOP


1. In-depth education on designing sellable websites from scratch without using templates or third party applications
2. Design responsive (mobile) websites to exceed today's clients’ needs/requirements
3. Knowledge on simple graphics designs to make your website appealing and referable
4. Software Applications that you need to commence fully
5. The best hosting information and services that you need to fully start up on your own
6. Full Access to internet during the 5-day workshop
7. A full certification on website design skill acquisition
8. At the end, there are job opportunities waiting for the very best!
9. Referrals to companies who are seeking skilled website designers!

Facilitator - Olajumoke Oduwole

Olajumoke Oduwole is the CEO and Senior Website Designer at KJK.COM.NG. With over ten years experience on website design and development. She is committed to producing websites that exceeds the needs and requirements of her clients! This has subsequently made her focus on designing website from scratch as she has seen from experience that templates are not the most suitable and can be time wasting for detailed designers; third-party applications may require upgrades after a few years that attracts a lot of complexities.

So the secret to a successful website design company is designing suitable websites that can be modifies overtime.

Workshop Details:

WorkShop Fee: 30,000 Naira
Date: To be communicated soon!







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